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YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR BUSINESS - here at KeiLeo we are dedicated to help you achieve success so much that our business model is predicated on you being successful before we get paid. So if you need help with a sales campaign or a negotiation, no matter how big or small, then we are the company to help.  With decades of experience selling and negotiating big deals for blue chip companies as employees, we now help aspiring companies to become blue chip and play in the same league.  You can get the benefit of that experience without paying a penny until we, that’s you and us together, have been successful!


We offer two key solutions for your business:

“Sales & Marketing” and “Negotiation” support”.

Sales & Marketing support - this ranges from support to a specific sales or marketing campaign, support to an individual sales person to full sales & marketing planning and management for your business.


Negotiation support – this ranges from practical advice on how to negotiate to us negotiating on your behalf alongside you. Our approach to negotiation means you will be successful without breaking any long term business relationships with whomever you are negotiating with.

As we have only just formed the company our web site is not quite ready yet. Please use the ‘Contact’ page to get in touch so we can start you on the journey to success.